hey everyone!  welcome!

i’m here because, yes, i have some things to say, and i will indeed say them.  but i’m also going into this thing hoping to learn; in the past few years i have learned a lot from some fierce folks posting their thoughts online, and i want to both contribute to the discussion and develop my own thoughts.  i’m a queer, immigrant latina and a reproductive justice activist, which will very much affect what i’ll be writing about here.  i also believe that recognizing our areas of privilege is a necessary step towards collective liberation; in that spirit would like to point out that i am class privileged, able-bodied, light-skinned enough to pass as white in many situations, cisgender, and hold privilege in many, many ways.  i’ll be very thoughtful and intentional here, but i expect that i’m going to make mistakes along the way; i hope to handle them with humility and respect, and hope others do the same.

here we go!

UPDATE: thought i should point out that i’ve set up a page up top in which i explain some terms and add definitions of things that i might mention in my posts.  if y’all find it helpful, i’ll keep adding to it.  also, though i kind of love the lower case, caps are useful sometimes, so i’m giving it up after this post.  that was short-lived! live & learn, folks.