pilgrims (while in front of native american folks building a wall): "they say they are building a wall because too many of us enter illegally and won't learn their language or assimilate into their culture..."

Thanksgiving’s coming up, and I just wanted to post a couple of things before the “holiday.”

Last year for thanksgiving, my girlfriend put together a pamphlet to share with guests at a dinner we went to that night.  It’s important to remember the implications of the historical event that is celebrated every year – and the huge loss that the people who lived here experienced.  Because she is from upstate New York she put together some info on the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), the people whose land that was; about their government, about early U.S. feminists being inspired by Haudenosaunee women and culture, and some other interesting bits.  They went over really well at our last thanksgiving, and we’re printing out some more for this year.  It’s just pieced together from sources listed on the back, but I’m putting it up here, if you’d like to print one for your own gatherings.  Even better, find out more about the people who lived on the land you will be on this Thursday, if you don’t know much about it.

Also, this is a very travel-heavy season.  If you or someone you care about is trans – or if you are interested in justice for people of all genders – you should check out the National Center for Transgender Equality‘s brief on how the new TSA procedures affect trans and gender non-conforming folks.  You should also read these articles that put the whole body-scanners debacle into perspective, including this one about what the last ten years have been like for many people of color at the airport, and this one about the police pat-downs that people in communities of color undergo daily due to policies such as stop-and-frisk. Take a look, and be safe – travel or no.